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Please print the following form and complete all the applicable fields.

Fax to: 732-225-7189  Ph. # 1-732-225-1847 Ext 121

Corporate Credit Application
Legal Company Name                                                                                            Years In Business                   
Street Address                                                                          City                          ST          Zip                 
Mailing Address                                                                        City                          ST          Zip                 
Telephone                                  A/P Contact Ph.                                  Title                                                     
Type of Business                                                                    Tax ID#                                                                 

Business Structure:
      Corporation         State of Incorporation          Proprietorship        Partnership of L.L.C

Credit Line Requested                                                                             
Subsidiary Branch/Division?      Yes         No
If yes, Name/Address of Parent                                                                                                                               
E-mail/Internet address                                                                            Do you use Purchase Orders?           
Has business/officer filed for Bankruptcy?                      

Names of Principals:
President                                                                    Vice President                                                                   
Chief Financial Officer                                                              Controller                                                             

Information: Required for all corporations in business less than 2 years, and all partnerships, proprietorships
or Limited Liability Corporations.

Principal I                                                            Home Address                                                                         
City                      State          Zip                  Home Phone                              SS#                                     

Principal II                                                            Home Address                                                                         
City                      State          Zip                  Home Phone                              SS#                                     

Your current financial statement (BALANCE SHEET and INCOME STATEMENT) should accompany this application.
Bank and/or Lender References (list all secured parties):

1. Name and Address                                                                                              Phone:                                 
Contact                                                            Line of Credit                              Account #:                               

2. Name and Address                                                                                              Phone:                                 
Contact                                                            Line of Credit                              Account #:                               

Trade References:
1. Name                                                                  Address                                                                               
   Contact Name                                                                              Phone #                                                     

2. Name                                                                  Address                                                                               
   Contact Name                                                                              Phone #                                                     

3. Name                                                                  Address                                                                               
   Contact Name                                                                              Phone #                                                     

In consideration of credit being extended by  Transcom-avi to the above named applicant for merchandise to be purchased whether applicant be an individual or individuals, a partnership, a proprietorship, a corporation, or other entity, the undersigned guarantor hereby contracts and agrees to Transcom-avi the faithful payment when due of all accounts of said applicant. The undersigned guarantor hereby expressly waives all notice of acceptance of this guaranty, notice of extension of credit to applicant, present ment, and demand for payment on applicant, protest and notice to undersigned guarantor of dishonor or default by applicant or with respect to any security held by Transcom-avi, extension of time if payment to applicant, acceptance of partial payment of partial compromise, all other notices to which the undersigned guarantor might otherwise be entitled and demand for payment under this guaranty.

Should the undersigned point an agent to act on his/her behalf, Transcom-avi will act on the instructions issued by the agent with respect to the delivery of goods and services until such time that the agent status is explicitly altered by the undersigned. The undersigned has the ultimate payment responsibility if; (a) the agent is terminated from the representation responsibility (b) the agent becomes incapable of performing the representation responsibility (c) the agent is not performing the responsibility in compliance with the applicable laws, ordinance, codes, and the prevailing commerce practices. 

The undersigned  hereby release any and all credit or financial information to Transcom-avi or it's assignees;
By signing, the undersigned is accepting this conditions of sales.

Signature_________________________________________ Date:________________________________

Print Name_________________________________________ Title___________________________________