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Professional Services
Technical Staff

Provide temporary technology staffing and on-going technology staffing.

Cost: per customer/per discipline/per product:

         System Administrator: UNIX, LINUX, Microsoft NT, Microsoft Server

         Database Administrator: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, etc

         Programmer: C, C++, Microsoft C#, Web programmer (Java, XML, HTML), Scripting (Solaris/Microsoft)

         System Architect

         Security (Firewall, secured remote access/Virtual Private Network-VPN)

         Network Engineer: Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (remote access, interconnection of LANS.

         Project Manager: Microsoft Project proficiency

         Project leader: lead personnel for any of the discipline

Technology Solution

Infrastructure Technologies Architecture Voice / Data cabling, network infrastructure, computer systems, computer applications, network management systems, computer management systems, data center operations managements systems, mediation systems, customer relationship management systems, and other misc. applications.

Cost: Per customer/per operation size/ per negotiation

E-commerce Architecture

Application Architecture

Network Backup architecture

Storage Area Network (SAN) Architecture

High Availability

Security (Firewall)

Disaster Recovery

Technology Consultation

Architecture for network/system design, high availability, disaster recovery, Web server, email server, business application design, security design, system monitoring, and application customization.


Technology project management

Implementation: project management, coding, software development, and integration.

Technology Support

Provide  technology remote monitoring and remediation support for 7x24x365 or regular business hours.

Technology Evaluation

Thorough survey of existing technology implementation: infrastructure, applications, operations process and procedures.