Peripherals:   DLT Tape Drives, COMPAQ Disk Array Systems, External Tape Drives, Internal Tpe Drives    

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The product here is only for the illustration purposes. We will select the most suitable device to fit your special needs with the best cost/performance.

                                    Quantum Super Dlt 110/220gb, External Lvd Scsi


                                                Hp Surestore Dlt Vs80e; Dlt Tape Drive


                            Benchmark 40/80gb Half-high Dlt Lvd Scsi Int Drive W/o Tape


                                                                 COMPAQ MSA 1000





                                              Modular SAN Array 1000

                             First generation 2 Gb Fibre Channel system for the entry level to mid-range SAN. Single port 2 Gb Fibre Channel I/O module or optional 6-port 2 Gb Fibre Channel Fabric Switch.  Allows for utilization of existing Universal 1" Ultra2 and/or Ultra3 SCSI drives.