Network Devices: 4 Ports  10/100 M Switches , 8 Ports  10/100 M Switches, 12 Ports 10/100 M Switches,  24 Ports  10/100SwitchesPeripherals:   DLT Tape Drives, COMPAQ Disk Array Systems, External Tape Drives, Internal Tpe Drives      

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The state-of-art network devices will be used for client specific needs. Gaga bit network may be recommended for special cases.The product here is only for the illustration purposes. We will select the most suitable device to fit your special needs with the best cost/performance.



                                                                24 Port Chassis Switch  


                                                                   Fs750 48-port Switch 



                                                    HP Procurve Switch 4108 GL Bundle



                                                                3 Com SuperStack 3 4300