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Some of Our Clients

Nippon Telephone and Telegram

Multiple Locations Nation Wide USA

When an optical network operation unit of NTT decided to offer co-location services to Internet Service Providers (ISP) and other data center operations from individual corporations, they worked with a New Jersey based company to design the services. Transcom-avi sent in a project manager to assist this project to take part in this New Jersey Company and laid down a plan to implement a comprehensive management platform to enable the services to be offered. Transcom-avi leadership helped the NTT unit define the details of service offering and provided the architecture of the entire operation in the continental USA to manage and to operate the data centers that house tens of thousands of systems in all major cities from anybody willing to pay the service charges. Transcom-avi assisted in defining the service goals, and designed and implemented the enabling technologies that eventually involved a national support centers that monitor and manage tens of thousands of client systems nation wide. The management system implemented covers all aspects of a class A data center. The system performed environmental monitoring, network and system monitoring, customer contact automatic notification, automatic support escalation, graphic monitoring for all locations and all systems, asset management and tracking, wireless barcode inventory systems, and personnel service calendar.  Environmental monitor covers detection of problems caused by fire, flood, moisture, wire browning, electricity overheats, and electricity power control.  At the end of the project NTT personnel were trained to support and operate the system themselves.

Fibre Drops

POP Room

Cages With Shelves

Standard Service Loop


JP Morgan


15 Broad Street

New York, New York 10260-0060

When JP Morgan, a major security company in New York, needs help in monitoring its worldwide Distributed Computing Environments (DCE). Transcom-avi functioned as a sub-contractor and worked for the outsourced unit for JP Morgan. The operations involved a 24x7x365 support and provided resolutions in a timely manner when a problem occurred.  When DCE support unit was moved from the Broad Street to Wall Street, the floor planning for personnel and equipment, the moving schedule, and system checks, were additional aspects of the task.


LibertyView, Inc

111 River Street

Hoboken, NJ       07030

When LibrtyView, a security trading company, was moving to the current location due to its prior office space was reclaimed by the landlord because of  the heavy office space lost in the New York 911 tragedy. Transcom-avi participated in the bidding of the moving project on technologies for the trading floors and the back office data center operations. Transcom-avi was the biggest winner among four vendors who had been awarded with contracts out of a number of other bidders. Transcom-avi provided the design and implementation for the major technology components in the new LibertyView locations. The high available corporation data servers with Storage Area Network Technology were implemented with the fiber channels to enable 2 G bit rates of transmission. Transcom-avi also designed and provided the comprehensive network security to ensure the safety of the trading floor operations and the security in conducting trading transactions. Transcom-avi also provided the disaster recovery implementation with a robotic tape storage system in a G bits network. At the end of the implementaion, Transcom-avi continue to provide on-site support in responding to the request of  LibertyView.

Pac Bell

San Ramon, CA

When Pac Bell was set to offering broadband services to the curb, Pac Bell invited all experts in the telecommunication field to participate in designing services and working with AT&T Bell Labs which provided the HDT technologies and fiber optical outside plant. The services targeted were ambitious, which combined video, data, and voice traffic. Trascom-avi was called upon to provide leadership in defining the necessary business scenarios to determine data flow and the necessary data items to be processed from service subscription, service provisioning, service technician dispatch, HDT switch configuration management, service billing, and service change management.

US West

Chicago, IL

When one of the baby bells was ready to embark on the Advanced Intelligent Network, Transcom-avi was brought in to provide a leadership role in defining the Advanced Intelligent Network specifications for every component types that were required in making an fault tolerant and performance effective network services. Transcom-avi provided the insight on how an intelligent network should function and how payloads and the signal network packets should be defined to enable a wide varieties of services that were enjoyed by today's telephone users.


Food Service Management

108 Hamilton Street

Bound Brook, NJ     08805-2080

This company has two thousands plus employees in majority of the New Jersey school systems. An old computer system handles the company’s payroll management. The legacy system was very difficult to keep up with the operation and functions up-to-date. The company had been suggested to purchase new system and convert payroll software to a new system by its original computer vendor. Due to the cost involved, the company elected not to proceed with the suggestions. When IRS mandated a new set of data format filing reports and tax withholding information, quarterly reports, and annual reports, Transcom-avi was called upon to provide a customized payroll system to convert the tax and personnel information to comply with the new data format within a limited budget and without the need for the company to abandon the existing legacy system. The project was accomplished by a solution identified by data analysis and new tax report requirements analysis. The final outcome is a data conversion software and reporting system to work with the output of the legacy system to meet the new IRS requirements. The solution minimized the impact to its existing payroll system and saved the company the troubles and the cost associated with a brand new computer system.

Tully-White Inc.

27 Mountain Blvd.  #6

Warren, NJ       07059

When a local insurance company tried to catch up with piles after piles of paper work by a small size of office staff, the company was overwhelmed by the time required and the high rate of errors involved. Transcom-avi was called upon to provide a solution that would allow the company staff to easily cross check with data entered by one another. A Local Area Network was designed, cabled, and configured for the company. Not only the network and the computer systems installed solved the original problems. The network also provided the opportunity to save a huge phone bills by centralized fax activities of the company and flexibly schedule the fax operation during the non-peak hours to take advantage of much lower phone rate. The network also enables the consolidation of the printing tasks constantly in demand with higher quality of printouts and lower cost due to lower maintenance.

Ambro Inc.

365 Monmouth Ave.

Neww Milford, NJ 07646

Ambro Inc. is a company that supplies a wide variety of parts that provide connectivity between computers and their peripherals. The book keeping of the inventory and the sales tracking troubled Ambro a great deal. The size of the parts are normally small and the number of small variations also presented a major challenge to enable a quick and accurate method to fulfill any order form its clients, and it was very difficult to arrange placement of the parts into appropriate bins due to the numbers and close resemblance of these parts. Transcom-avi was called upon to design a computer catalogue to provide quick look up and different views to assist identification of a part or search for parts. The implementation enabled the grouping of related items and descriptions so that an accurate and quick text reference to a picture can be accurately and quickly supplied to the users. The system design also involved a simple cluster of computers to share resources.

Multiplex Inc.

115 Corporate Blvd.

South Plainfield,  NJ   07080

A semiconductor chip manufacturer was established with a projection of high growing rate of employees for the coming years. The company intended to spend most of its capital on production equipment rather than spending too much on administrative supporting equipment such as phone systems. Transcom-avi was called upon to examine the possibility of putting together a telecommunication system that is versatile, reliable, and cost. The objective was to have this system function as the base for the future large PBX operations and at the same time can project a mature and sizeable corporation image by the sophistications of the phone system. Transcom-avi designed and implemented a solution that rivals the major phone systems in the market. The system has almost unlimited seat capability by allowing dynamically login into a phone to allow the phone function as locally installed. The system also has sophisticated and yet easy to follow menu prompting to allow customers or the investors to experience an impression of a well-established company. The system was increased progressively in capacity when new employees were hired. Due to the easy of the use of the system and intuitive method of management, the phone usage of the company was well-managed and very effective to fit into their business operation plan.

Acer Group Klim Industry.

244 N. Randolphphville Road

Piscataway,    NJ            08854

Klim, industry machinery manufacturer has a number of departments that needs to work together. The inventory and the account receivables need to be closely synchronized. The sale force needs to understand what parts are required for a particular customer and what date a follow up call should be made. And every body should be able to answer a simple question on where to get parts and how much the cost for a part should be and the corresponding sale price. The management also has to monitor the warehouse activities on “who has retrieved what at when” and is there a corresponding invoice or order associated with activities.  Each department used its own computer systems that did not communicate with each other. The company had been depends on its own employee to maintain the system and operated the systems. The end esult was that both the quality of the work and the computer usefulness suffered. The whole operation was very confusion and most of the time data in each department are out of synch. The operation cost was significant high for any activity such as fulfilling orders inventory tracking, tracking account payable and account receivable, and parts management. Transcom-avi designed a server client solution so that there is a centralized set of databases that supports all the activities that need support of right and up-to-date information. Security has been beefed up so that only the authorized few can enter, change, and delete information on the system. The company also contracts Transcom-avi to provide support personnel for calls on demand. This implementation not only solves the business operation problems for this company, it also allows the employees concentrated on the business work at hand rather than doing computer support halfheartedly.